Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Soon your best friend’s birthday and you do not know how to wish him a happy birthday? With a good friend, you can go through life together. A birthday is an opportunity to show your friend in words how much he means to you. 

Sometimes, it is difficult to find suitable wishes that express the precious friendship between you and your special friend. Here are some best birthday wishes for special friend or best friend, which you can put inside a greeting card or share on his Facebook wall. No matter how long you have known your friend and what your friendship is, we hope you will find exactly the right words for your friend – so you can tell him exactly what you want him to say.

1 – “Over the years you have become a very important person for me. Indeed, I no longer only consider you as my best friend, but for me you are already like a brother. Enjoy this special day as it is your birthday. Congratulations.”

2 – “I remember the day we met! It is true that, at the beginning, we did not like each other very well, but today we are inseparable. Happy Birthday, my friend! I hope to continue celebrating these special days with you.”

3 – “I hope that this day is very special for you and that you stand for a year full of joys and adventures. Congratulations, my friend. I wish you the best !”

4 -“Life is a gift. So every birthday is an opportunity to thank you for receiving it. Your life is a gift for me too, and therefore your every birthday deserves not a wish but a thank you from me!”

5 – “I am happy to share your birthday one more year with you. I wanted to tell you that you are a very special person for me and that I hope we are friends forever. Happy Birthday!”

6 – “Dear friend, I would not miss your party for anything in the world. Your birthday reminds me that it is a life that we have chosen as friends, and my best wish is that we can continue like this! Happy birthday!”

7 – “On the day of your birthday, I want to tell you that without you I would not be the person I am today. You have taught me to get a smile in bad times, and that is something that I will never forget. You are much more than a friend. Happy Birthday!”

8 – “I wish you a very happy birthday, my friend. Enjoy life and do not stop chasing your dreams. You are a person with a big heart and you deserve to be happy. Congratulations.”

9 – “Happy Birthday! I hope you have an unforgettable day and that you have a great day with your loved ones. Do not forget to ask for the gifts!”

10 – “Finding the birthday words for a friend is not easy, especially since you have always been a very important person to me. You have advised me, you have taken care of me and you have scolded me. You have been really like an older brother to me. That is why I cannot find those words to express my gratitude to you. I can only say that many congratulations and I hope that happiness floods your days.”

11 – “Years go by, we grow bigger, change stories, groups, loves, but old friends will never change!”

12 – “From the warmest corner of my heart, where our special and infinite friendship is placed, you will receive my best and affectionate wishes.”

13 – “Happy birthday, my friend. I am very proud of everything you have achieved with effort and work. You are an example to follow.”

14 – “I do not wish you a hundred of these days, but a thousand of these happy moments. Best wishes!”

15 – “I still remember when we met, we were just children! And look at us, years later we continue like the first day, with our jokes and having a good time. I wish you a very happy birthday, my friend, and I hope that all your wishes come true.”