First Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy and Girl

When a child celebrates his first birthday, he should be congratulated. At the age of one year, the child is not be able to understand the birthday wishes, so the birthday wishes are usually directed more to mom and dad. Here are some messages and wishes that which you can write in a birthday card for the first birthday of baby boys and girls, relatives and friends, and for all those who love raising a one-year-old child like daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson and nephew.

1 – “Congratulations on the 1st birthday of your chubby little angel. I wish him and of course his parents a great start to the second year!”

2 – “I am not sure yet if you will travel to Mars later or become a professional footballer, but I am sure you can do whatever you want. You are a very special little boy. Many happy returns on your first birthday!”

3 – “One year you are already in the world and have already experienced so much. There are still many adventures coming to you. I wish you a lot of fun and send you my warm wishes to your cradle party.”

4 – “You have mastered the first 365 days journey of the earth around the sun excellently. I wish you a lot of fun on the second circuit. Congratulations on your first birthday.”

5 – “I send you colourful birthday greetings and wish you a lot of fun on your first birthday in this world. Happy Birthday!”

6 – “Happy birthday to the sweetest princess in the world from the proudest grandparents in the world! You are a huge treasure! “

7 – “Happy Birthday, my little grandchild. I’m the proudest grandpa with the greatest grandchild I can ever imagine. I wish you a great second year!”

8 – “Today, you are your first year of life, beautiful baby, and I hope that God will protect you and bless you with health, so that you may continue to grow happy. “

9 – “I believe that no granny around the world was so happy about a grandson like me. Now, you are already one year old and you are still the greatest treasure I can wish for. Happy Birthday!”

10 – “Happy Birthday, my little darling. Tell me, if mom and dad are not very nice to you today, then I will scold them!”

11 – “I wish your little princess all the luck in the world on her first anniversary and that the second year of her life will bring many great adventures full of fun and joy for her.”

12 – “You cannot understand what other people are saying, but you can surely feel good vibrations. Happy first birthday, baby!”

13 – “Happy first birthday, honey! We are blessed to have a baby as cute and smiling as you are. We love you.”

14 – “You are a small miracle, which has improved the lives of a dozen people! Keep our happiness forever! Happy Birthday!”

15 – “A little bud of love and light, it is a year ago that you have come to light the lives of those around you with love and hope. Happy first birthday!”

16 – “You may not yet understand these lines, but maybe in a few years. I want to tell you that you are a great little boy/girl. With your sweet smile you always melt my heart. I wish you many great adventures waiting for you and there is much to discover for you. Happy Birthday! “

17 – “Baby, you have been in this world for twelve months. Let it be always kind to you and you will only see bright and friendly sides of life. Happy Birthday!”

18 – “With affection and lots of love, I wish you a happy birthday with all my heart!”

19 – “I cannot believe you are one year old! Be docile, curious and do not cause problems to your parents.”

20 – “I wish you to grow intelligent, tenacious and wise, but I also wish you always have the same innocence in the eyes. Happy first birthday!”

21 – “You are probably a little too young to remember this day of celebration but I wanted to write this card so that you keep the imprint of our emotions. Since you came into the world you make the happiness of all those around you. I wanted to tell you that you bring us joy and that we love you dearly! Happy birthday my little heart !”

22 – “Your first birthday will always be memorable and I wish you many exciting birthdays. Happy Birthday!”

23 – “It is hard to believe that today you are already a year old! A year ago you came into our lives with your tender smile, your big blue eyes and your pretty little dimples. It seems to me it was yesterday! But when I look at you and I see the beautiful little girl you’ve become and everything you’ve learned, time catches up with me and I can only see that this year has gone by in a flash. Happy Birthday!”

24 – “Happy birthday to the magician of our lives, the one who, with a smile, removes all worries! Happy birthday!”

25 – “Your face is the sweetest that I have ever seen. Your eyes are full of innocence. Keep this innocence at the bottom of your soul and transform it into strength to touch the heart of each. Happy birthday!  “

26 – “Every day that passes you grow much more and that is why in a few years you will be able to read these words and you will understand all the love we feel for you, even from the day you were born. Happy birthday!”